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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beginning Sounds Letter Sets

Hi everyone!!!

Are any of you tired of this stuff as much as I am.....

The only thing about it....is that it's pretty to look at....:)

So because of all this snow........

This woman right here has been busy busy busy!!!

I have been taking a few days away from editing. This have given me time to get back to basics.....sitting down with my pencil and paper and just drawing!!! Which has really given me the chance to create new sets and new ideas for future sets that I'm really excited to share with you.

So here is what I've been up to since my last post which was ...a...long....time...ago.....AHHHH!!

I have finally decided to create a series of sets for Beginning Letter Sounds. YAY!!! I've had several teachers request it and I have finally got my "self" in gear.....

So far I have posted Letter Aa, Letter Bb, and Letter Cc.....

This may take a while to complete the entire set, but I feel like I'm making great progress with just starting this yesterday....:) Let me know if you have some suggestions for images for any letter set. I know there are a few other sets like these floating around so if there are images you can't seem to find for a certain letter, just let me know :)

I have also put together a Graduation Set that I just absolutely love!!! If you  need the caps and gowns in a different color, just let me know and I can create a set that meets your needs...no problem!

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Now it's back to work:)

Friday, February 21, 2014


Quick post today! I just wanted to share this graphic I made last night because I'm SO glad Friday is here!!

Feel free to pin, grab, and share with others :)

I just LOVE KG Fonts! She makes some amazing stuff!! If you haven't checked out her stuff, I would highly recommend it! Her fonts just add such a great look to any project you're working on!!

Thanks for stopping by today and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Giving Credit, Easter Bunnies, and Snow Days!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!

Since I've been loaded up with questions and emails lately about my TOUs and the best way for you to give credit to my work, I thought I would make an entire post about it so hopefully I'll be able to answer all questions in one shot...I hope.

Giving credit....

every artists wants and NEEDS credit whenever you use their work..whether it be on your blog, website, or teaching resources you sell or give for free on Teachers Pay Teachers....or a site similar.

The way for give credit for me, I think, is fairly simple. In each of my graphic files, I have included my TOUs...which are a PDF and a JPEG image...like this one....

If you are selling items on TpT, here is what I think is the easiest thing to do.....create a Terms of Use page for your product...this is where you state your permissions and where you give your credits....here is an example from one of my teaching products....


At the bottom is where I post whose graphics I used along with the fonts. I also like to include their TpT store address in-case others want the graphics or fonts too.

Now I know some people like to include just a page of the graphic designers they use in all of their products, in one single page that they use in each product...whether their designs were used or not...it may be titled..."I use Designs By:"...and then they have the button image of each designer. Well....I think that is a quick and easy way to do it...but I have found that sometimes, a designer's button is missing and their graphics WERE used in the product....this has happened to me. 

There are new artists all the time appearing on TpT and other sites...so creating a slide for ALL of your designer buttons, doesn't meant that you'll never have to go back and change it. 

I like knowing that the designs in a certain product came from the people that are given credit in that particular resource. Just my opinion. 

My button image is a simple way of putting "my stamp" on my work. Links are not necessary, but the button image is. You could also make the button image link to my blog or TpT store

I hope this helps to answer any questions.

Now for some fun stuff!!!


Spring can't get here fast enough. 

I created this little badge this morning and it's spreading around FB like wildfire!! There are so many people having snow days today!! So be sure to grab this image, share on your blog, FB....where ever....if you're a member of the club....this is yours!!

And here is a little something to get you ready for spring!!!! :) It can't get here fast enough!....Did I say that already?????
Click on the pic to see it at my TpT store :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Simply April and What I'm Working On!

Introducing a new set today...well tonight :)

If you've been following my store, you by now have seen my "Simply" sets over at my TpT store.

There is a set for each month of the year...well the entire year isn't completed yet. I started this back in October and I just finished April. Click on the pic to take you to this item at my store.

So if you're visiting here from my FB page....I've decided to start sharing my new set previews here instead of on my FB page. I'll still be posting the link to my post when I share a new set...but you'll only see the preview pic here. 

For the rest of the month, I'm going to be working on Life Cycle sets. So many of you have given me some great ideas!!! Thank you!!!

With Spring right around the corner....which is hard to believe because right at this moment, it's snowing outside....again....UGH!!!!.....but I thought now would be a good time to get these sets rollin'. 

Thanks so much for visiting!!!!