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Friday, October 5, 2012

A "Colorful" Base Ten Block Set! & Freebie Week!! WHAT?!?!

                           Quick post tonight....I wanted to share my new set of Base Ten Blocks.

There are 48 png images included in this set and it's already posted at my store here
I've been working on a few more sets that I hope to have up by the end of the weekend!!

 Check back for FREEBIE WEEK staring Sunday night!! I will choose a week at random where I'm going to post a freebie once a day....you only have one day to grab it and then it's gone!! 

I would appreciate that if you're grabbing my freebies that you will:
1.) Use them following My Terms of Use
2.) Be kind and follow my blog (you're here)
3.) Be extra kind and follow my FB page
4.) and be VERY kind and follow my TPT store:)

So come back Sunday and be ready to grab some clip art!!


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