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Thursday, December 19, 2013

U.S. Clip Art Set and a Freebie Set!

I had a request recently to create some images of US symbols. When I first got the request, I was a little hesitant because I really don't "do" this kind of art work. My graphics are more non-realistic....so I was very close to passing on the request. 

But after thinking about it.....I realized that this would be a great challenge for me. To step out of my normal graphic design and try something a little different.

So here is the first set I created. I'm really excited about how they turned out. 

There will be another set coming out soon !!

*Just click on the pics to go to my store*

Also I wanted to share with you 2 more sets that I recently created. 

We had a few snow days recently and my kids were loving the snow. We didn't get much snow living in the south so this early gift of snow was REALLY fun for them!!!

I actually created this set before the Snow Day Kids....this one is FREE!!!!!

As always, I love reading your comments :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

December Facebook Frenzy

Have you heard of the Facebook Frenzy that is taking place this month......well....there are Frenzies every month. Basically if you like the word "FREE", you're going to love this!!

I participated last month and it was so much fun and there are so many awesome products out there that there is really no excuse for you to not go check it out!

I'm apart of the clip art group so you can stop on over at my Facebook page to help you get started. Just be sure to "like" the pages so you'll be able to grab the freebie.

Find the FB Frenzy tab on the page, and then it will tell you what you're getting.

Then just keep hopin' along until you find yourself back at my page.

I hope you enjoy all of your freebies!!!

Have Fun!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Currently and New Holiday Sets

I'm a little late on this one...but I still wanted to join in on Farley's December Currently!

I hope everyone was able to stock up on some goodies from the TpT sale!!!

I wanted to share a couple of my new sets that I recently posted at my store!

and a little freebie!!!

Have a great Wednesday every one!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some TpT Help with Candy Canes!

If you've just started the adventure they call "TpT" (Teachers Pay Teacher for all of you newbies), you know how over whelming it can be. Especially if you've been a buyer for quite awhile.

All of those cute products....

you're wondering...

How do they do that???

Well some of my favorite bloggers have put together some great tips for you in this DIY Series.

Click on this pic to start and it will lead to more tutorials on How to Build Your Product....definitely a must read!!

I was busy yesterday putting together another new set. 

I'm telling ya......with the holiday season quickly approaching....it has really gotten me in the mood!!!

to create graphics people!!!!!!!....COME ON...this blog isn't like that!!!!! :):)

So here are my Candy Cane Kids!!!

 I think they are just adorable and so far they have been a big hit with those I've shared them with!!! 

Again....a new set means ON SALE!!! for today only!!!

Grab them fast!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clip Art Discounts!

Hey everyone!!!!! I'm back!!...

you might be asking..

Well, where have you been lady?? I've missed you! (haha)

Here is my reason for being gone for almost a month....AHHHHH....way to long.....

My family and I have recently moved so I've had to put some things on the back burner while we packed, prepared our house to be put on the market (which is pretty stressful) and started our journey north to Maryland!! Back home to where I grew up:)

I'm sure many of you can relate to selling a house and all the preparation it takes to get it ready....let alone having to move out of state. And we did all of this in about 3 weeks.....yup....with 2 little kids....

So now that we are settled, for the most part, I'm back to creating graphics!! 

From now on, every time I post a new set at my store, it will be on sale the first day it's posted....

it's kinda like my way of celebrating the set getting completed....because some of them






So here is the set that I just posted at my store and it's on sale the rest of the day! 

Enjoy!!! and I'm so glad to be back!!! Just click on the pic!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Winner, October Currently, Share and Support!

First I want to thank everyone who entered my Clipart Giveaway!!!! I loved reading your comments and can't wait to share more of my work with my new followers!!!

I wanted to announce the lucky winner....yes..she is VERY lucky!!!!

Cheryl from Crayons and Curls!!! Congrats!!!! You will be getting all of those amazing prizes VERY soon!!!
Also, if you shared about the giveaway on your blog and have not received a gift from me....please comment below with the link to your post and your email address. I was able to track down most emails but not all of them. 

Here is my October Currently.....

My treat is this Breast Cancer Awareness badge. 

Please share it on your blogs, Facebook, etc to get the word out about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My sister was diagnosed earlier this year and she is an amazing woman. It's true....when cancer strikes someone in your family.....it strikes everyone. My family is so grateful for her and how well she is doing. She caught the cancer through early detection.....so ladies....


 It WILL save your life.

 I believe with all my heart it saved my sister!!!

...along with some awesome awesome doctors and lots of prayer. 

Hope you're having a great week!!!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

My 700 Follower Giveaway!!!! My Friends Are Helping Out!!

Pic Credit: Party Graphics- Melonheadz
Background-Dots of Fun Designs

Hi everyone!!! I have recently reached a huge goal of mine over at my TpT Store!!! 
I have 700 SENSATIONAL followers!!!

When I started getting this giveaway together, my artsy friends came with some great donations...I just LOVE them!!!! This artist community is AWESOME!!!

Anyway....on to the good stuff!! All you have to do is enter into the rafflecopter below all of the previews!! 

Now take a look at what you could win!! Be sure to read carefully at the bottom....there's a chance for you to win a little something extra:).....

My friend Nikki from Melonheadz is offering a $15 certificate!! WOW!!!! Talk about amazing!!!

My girly Krista from Creative Clips is offering her KIDS Big Bundle!!! Think of all of the ways you could use these little cuties!! These are $12 at her store....you could get them for FREE!!! YAY!!

The OH SO TALENTED and dear friend Michelle from The 3AM Teacher is giving her Halloween Frames!!!  Just in time and Oh So Cute!!!

My buddy Susanna from Whimsy Workshop is donating her adorable Halloween Bundle!!!
Again...Halloween is right around the corner and these are just too cute to pass up!!

Ok...who doesn't love a Doodle Frame???!!! I've got some for ya!!!

Surfin' Through Second is sharing her Doodle Frames

and Amy Alvis is sharing hers as well!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!

Yes...there's more!!!!

The talented Teacher Laura is sharing her Math Manipulatives Set!!! 71 Images!!!!

and the amazing Library Fox is sharing her Recess Rocks Clip Art Set!! How cute is that!

So.....ok...just one more thing.....

I'm going to be giving to the lucky winner the choice of my Letter Shape Box Bundles!!! You can choose either the Fry or Dolch set!!!! This set is so amazing!!! Word Walls, resources, flash cards, literacy centers, writing centers....I could go on and on about ways to use these!!! Thanks to KG Fonts for providing an amazing font for this set!!! 

So just ONE lucky winner is going to get ALL of this....hmmm...let me add this up for ya.....
$90 worth of prizes coming your way!!!!

I wish I could win!!! HAHA!!!

Good Luck EveryOne!!!
Leave comments below to the artists, share your feedback, pin this post, blog about it.....these artists are amazing!!!

****For those of you who blog about this giveaway.....leave your post link below in the comments and you will get a little surprise...:):):)....Just be sure to use the  Giveaway image at the top of this post in your post and link it back to this post.****

I'll be announcing the winner on Tuesday, October 1st at 10:00pm est.

Thank you!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Letter Shape Boxes: Dolch and Fry

Hi everyone!!! I have some great sets to share with you today! I have been working hard at updating these HUGE sets and I'm so excited to share them with you!!

Do you remember those Letter Shape Boxes  I posted awhile ago that had the outline for all Dolch Sight Words and the First 100 Fry words.....well these have been completely updated to save you so much time!
I have inserted ALL of the words into the boxes for you. 

Here are my Dolch Sets! 

And here are the First 100 Fry Words.

For the BEST savings, I have bundled them together to save you some cash if you need ALL of the words.

But the great news doesn't stop there....As a bonus set, you will get my Building Words Set with whichever product you purchase. Use these to create your own words that you make for vocabulary, math, science....any subject!!! There so many ways to use them so have fun!!!!

Just click on any image above to take you to that product in my store!! 

I would love to hear what you think!!
Leave me some feedback!

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

Ahh....September....I LOVE September! I know some of you teachers are saying...WHAT??? September is back to school, busy busy busy , and just plain stressful. 

I know I know....but September brings my FAVORITE season....FALL!! After these hot, muggy days we have had here in NC, I'm ready for cool mornings, and comfortable days where I can get my kids out of house without being bit my mosquitoes and annoyed by other bugs that seem to come out in summer weather.

So it's September 1st and that means Farley is having her September Currently!! YAY!!!

Not much in my currently needs to be explained. My little girl decided to take a long nap yesterday and I'm suffering the consequences right now of having some great quiet time yesterday. She's wide awake....it's 2:30 a.m. and I closed my eyes at 12:00am to sleep...so let's see how 2 hours of sleep will do for me....not good!!
I think I'm going to be making that coffee very soon!

3 things for ME this month:
1. Being at home, it's hard to get out by yourself. Well I'm going to try to do it more even if it's just to visit a friend, browse the stores, or take a drive.
2. My wardrobe is suffering right now. Once the weather turns a little cooler, I plan on doing a little shopping for myself.
3. I'm an iPhone junky! I love my phone and everything it does for me. I just need to stop looking at it so much. I constantly check emails, blogs, and everything else that deals with my clip art but I'm going to try to only check in the mornings and then before bed....it's going to be SO hard! I hope I'm not alone when it comes to this problem:(

Thanks for stopping by today!

Here is a little freebie for you:) My Little Birdie Set

I posted it the other day at my store. This was honestly a sketch that I have hidden away in my sketch book for months...and I found him the other day! I'm so glad I did because it has been a huge hit at my store. Some of the ladies who have left comments are just amazing...you'll have to go in and check it out:) 

To get news of when I post freebies like this one, be sure to follow my store:) 
Thanks every one!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who's That Blogger Linky!!!!

Welcome Everyone!!

         Are you ready to have some fun??
                                              ....Play a game?
                                                              .....Win  prizes and cash?

I have teamed up with 65 AMAZING blogger buddies to put together the ultimate Back to School Linky/Giveaway!!!

Each one of my blogger buddies submitted a cute childhood photo & generously donated something special from their online TpT shops for this occasion!! We have included a fun game for you to play for a chance to win over $300.00 in prizes and a BONUS  CASH-PRIZE raffle you can enter at the end of this post!! 


The game is easy to play....

 Your job will be to try and match each blogger with their childhood photo!!! With over 60 childhood photos and bloggers to match up, this might get tricky!! As I mentioned above, each blogger has generously donated one awesome prize from their TpT store. Successfully match a blogger and childhood photo, and you win the prize offered from that blogger!!! The more you matches you make, the more prizes you win!!! 

Check out some of the prizes you could win!!!

but Wait....
That's not all....

ONE lucky follower will win a $125 Amazon Gift Card!! Scroll to the bottom & follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win $$$

The link below will open a form that will allow you to submit your answers for the match up. 

Use the blogger links and numbered images to help you along the way!! Each childhood photo has been assigned a specific number. 

Once you open the form, use the drop-down menu beneath each blog button and select a number that corresponds to a childhood photo. 

The form results will be collected throughout the week. At the end of the week, each submission will be "graded" and you will receive a prize for each blogger and photo you successfully matched up!!

The game closes on Friday, August 23rd at midnight (Arizona Mountain Time). Answers will be announced on Saturday, August 24th. Winners will be notified through email throughout the week. 

Use the blog links below the photos to search for clues!!
Click HERE to Play the Matching Game!!


Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a $125 Amazon gift card!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for participating!!! Good Luck!!!

If you would like to post about this linky/giveaway, grab the special image below to display in your post and link up below!!! Make sure to use the link to the actual post,,,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

BTS Sale at TpT!

Hey everyone!!! This is some big news that I'm sure you're starting to see and read all over your blog list!! Yes it's finally here!!! TpT's Back to School sale will be Sunday and Monday! 

This little blog button was created by my friend Michelle over at The 3AM Teacher! SO cute!

So be sure to head on over and check out all of the amazing stores with up to 28% off!!

Here is a little preview of my most recent sets!! My entire store will be up to 28% off!! Be sure to use that PROMO Code: BTS13

Now for a little peak....

Have fun shopping everyone!!!