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Friday, January 4, 2013

Tutorial: How to Insert Your Images

Imagine this....

You've bought the cutest set of clip art and you're so excited to use it in your latest project. You download it and then....well....now what do you do?

This happens all the time....you're not alone!

Since I started doing clip art, I have received many emails from folks asking how to insert images into their document. So I thought I would take some time to do a quick tutorial on how to insert ANY image onto a blank document. The most important thing is if the file you downloaded is a zip file, be sure you "extract all" the files.

 To extract the file, simply right click on the file and find extract all. 

When you click on Extract All, it's going to ask you to Select a Destination. Find the place where you want to save the files and that's it!

Ok...so now you have your files extracted, it's time to start using those images!!

Open up a blank Document. I'm going to show PowerPoint and Word examples.
Find the tab at the top that says "Insert"

PowerPoint Example

Word Example

When you click on the ""Insert" tab, find the "Picture" option.

                                                                      Power Point

                                                                                Word Document

In both programs, once you click on the "Picture" option, your computer files will appear.

Find the file where your image is located and open it.

It will appear on your blank document.

You will notice that your image is outlined with dots at certain points. You can drag the sides and corners of your image so it fits perfectly onto your sheet. There is a green rotation button at the top where your can turn your image...which is what I'm going to do with this one.

Once you have it stretch out over your document, click outside of the image to remove the outline and you're done:) 

I hope this tutorial helps!! I would love to hear your ideas for tutorials....what do you struggle with when it comes to using clip art??


  1. Thanks for a great refresher! My question is.....how do you organize all of your graphics, frames, borders, etc? I don't want to forget who to give credit to when creating. Do you have a simple way to manage your files? Thanks!


    1. I wish it was simple...the best advice I can give is to have a main folder for each artist. In that folder, have their Terms of Use, and an image that represents them...like their button. Then create files based on your needs like seasons, subjects, digital backgrounds etc. I think having them sorted by artist is the best way to give the correct credit. Just my opinion though:)

    2. Thanks Tammy! That's great advice! I lost all of my graphics and fonts on New Years Eve when my hard drive crashed and now I am in the process of rebuilding that precious file. I like your idea on to organize the files by artist. I think I will try that!



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