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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Clip Art Sets to Share: Spring has Arrived!!

I've been taking it easy this past week....feeling a little under the weather. I'm pretty much back to normal which means I'm back to working hard on designing new clip art sets for you!

I wanted to share a few that I have recently posted at my TpT store.

This one was made by special request from one of my followers. It was A LOT of work but I think they turned out great!

This is a St. Patrick's Day Background set. 

And this final one is the result of playing around on my new graphic design software and wanting to share it with you!

 A follower of my Facebook page is going to win this set tonight!! I'm looking forward to seeing who it is!! I would love to you have "LIKE" my page if you haven't already! Freebies get posted there as well:)

Have a great Wednesday!!!! 



  1. I am having a terrible time finding your FB page...I finally found the heart that opened (yeah, I am slow!) but it went to a 'share the link' page.

    I would love to check out your page! (And possibly win the flowers, no lie!)

    1. Suzy- try this link www.facebook.com/dotsoffun

      For some reason my FB link on my sidebar is missing! Thanks for pointing that out for me! The chance to win the flower set is over but I post freebies there all the time:) hope you'll check it out!


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