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Monday, May 6, 2013

Freebie Set!

Quick post tonight....I know everyone is anxiously waiting for the TpT Sale to begin:) How many of you are staying up a little late tonight posting some last minute items or making sure you have your wishlist prepared?? Yup...me too!!!

Here is a little freebie set to celebrate...click on the picture to download. Be sure to leave some feedback after commenting...I always love reading how you're going to use my graphics:)

I have been updating a couple of my sets....I'm not completely finished but the new images have been added to these files. 

My Weather Set is one of the first sets I ever made...so it was definitely time for some updating...here are the new images. 

Also my Sea Creatures have been updated. I have added more color options:)

I hope you have fun shopping!!!! Don't stay up too late:)

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