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Monday, November 18, 2013

Some TpT Help with Candy Canes!

If you've just started the adventure they call "TpT" (Teachers Pay Teacher for all of you newbies), you know how over whelming it can be. Especially if you've been a buyer for quite awhile.

All of those cute products....

you're wondering...

How do they do that???

Well some of my favorite bloggers have put together some great tips for you in this DIY Series.

Click on this pic to start and it will lead to more tutorials on How to Build Your Product....definitely a must read!!

I was busy yesterday putting together another new set. 

I'm telling ya......with the holiday season quickly approaching....it has really gotten me in the mood!!!

to create graphics people!!!!!!!....COME ON...this blog isn't like that!!!!! :):)

So here are my Candy Cane Kids!!!

 I think they are just adorable and so far they have been a big hit with those I've shared them with!!! 

Again....a new set means ON SALE!!! for today only!!!

Grab them fast!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clip Art Discounts!

Hey everyone!!!!! I'm back!!...

you might be asking..

Well, where have you been lady?? I've missed you! (haha)

Here is my reason for being gone for almost a month....AHHHHH....way to long.....

My family and I have recently moved so I've had to put some things on the back burner while we packed, prepared our house to be put on the market (which is pretty stressful) and started our journey north to Maryland!! Back home to where I grew up:)

I'm sure many of you can relate to selling a house and all the preparation it takes to get it ready....let alone having to move out of state. And we did all of this in about 3 weeks.....yup....with 2 little kids....

So now that we are settled, for the most part, I'm back to creating graphics!! 

From now on, every time I post a new set at my store, it will be on sale the first day it's posted....

it's kinda like my way of celebrating the set getting completed....because some of them






So here is the set that I just posted at my store and it's on sale the rest of the day! 

Enjoy!!! and I'm so glad to be back!!! Just click on the pic!