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Terms of Use

All designers and clip artists know how much time it takes to create just one set. Some sets take weeks to put together! Yes...WEEKS!!  We are very protective of our work, as we should be, so please respect my hard work by following my Terms of Use.  Thank you so much!

All of my items can be used for personal or *commercial use. 
By making a purchase, you agree with the following:
Giving Credit:
*You MUST provide credit by creating a link back to “Dots of Fun Designs by Tammy Ferrell” on products that use my graphics. This can link to any of my websites that are listed at the end of my TOUs. You can place this as a web link back to my page by using my image as well. If you are able to make the credit a clickable link back to my site, that would be wonderful!!   You can also, instead, use my button as a credit to place on your blog if you use any of my images for your blog design. Credit needs to be given on commercial use items as well as free items if you are using them on a website such as Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, your website, blog, Etsy items, etc.

* If you are using my graphics for commercial use on Teachers Pay Teachers and any other teaching resource site, large commercial use is fine. There is no extra license required. However, if you are using my graphics for large commercial use that is not teaching related or for use in the classroom, you must contact me about an additional license purchase. THANK YOU!!
                                  Protecting My Work:
*When using my graphics in your items for free and commercial use, you must be sure that my graphics are secured on a file where they can not be copied, changed, or altered in any way (ex. PDF file).
*You are not allowed to place only graphics on pages with intent to sell or for free. They must be combined with teaching resources, worksheets, activities, printables, etc.
* This purchase is a single-user purchase. Please do not share my images with others who have not purchased them . When you make a purchase, you do not own the rights to the clip art. Tammy Ferrell retains all copyrights to all graphics.

*You are not allowed to combine my images with other clipart and sell them or post them as free clipart or as your own clipart.

Personal Use
*My clipart and designs can be used for your own personal use in your classroom, teaching resources, scrapbooking , and any other personal document.
*My graphics are not be given away by you for someone else’s personal use. Please share my contact info with your friends, do not share my imagesJ

**Because this is a digital item, there are no refunds or exchanges.**

And you MUST HAVE FUN using them!!!
There are special to me and I want them to be special to youJ Thank you!
Tammy Ferrell
Dots of Fun!
Links to where you can find me on the web:

Have questions? Please contact me!



  1. This is my first time looking at your site. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. My first stop is your TOU. Thanks for the freebies and I intend to be back soon...with MooLAA!
    AND ohhh I love love love the Feeder that contains all your links!

  3. Can they be placed on classroom t-shirts?

    1. Thanks so much for contacting me! Please email me at dotsoffunclipart@gmail.com so we can talk about it:) I'm so excited you're thinking about doing this!! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. Great Site, nice terms, thank you.. am purchasing one of your sets today on TpT and can't wait to start using it. Best Wishes for 2014


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